Finding New Hobbies in Quarantine

I am blessed to have a best friend from college living close by. Our friendship was instantaneous and we have shared so much of our lives together. We haven’t always lived close by, so I am cherishing this time that she is near. Her and her hubby are now settling back in the States after living abroad and are finding new life, new rhythm, and a new community in Dallas.

Part of this community introduced her to sourdough ( I thank them for it!). After honing in on her skill, she introduced me to the art during a long girl’s weekend. One thing we have a mutual love for is baking, so when the sourdough starter was “fed” we were elbows-deep mixing, folding, kneading, and waiting…. days… until the perfect smell of fresh baked bread permeated her little apartment. This was a whole new world to me (cue “The Little Mermaid”).

After she sent me home with my own sourdough starter (best present ever), it sat in my fridge for 4 months. 4 MONTHS! Until, Covid. Then I was home. All day. So I took it out of the fridge, and made beautiful, crusty, crackling, yeasty sourdough. It is a beautiful thing to make.

I am learning that bread making is such an art. I never thought that homemade bread could be so therapeutic and so satisfying. I am learning to appreciate the process of making bread and how it allows time to reflect on my life. Plus, it is way cheaper to make at home and better for you…. well, for my husband.

I have celiacs disease (I know! I know what you’re thinking, “Hope, did you really just tell us that you make bread that you can’t even eat??!!“). For those of you who aren’t familiar with celiacs disease, please look it up. I am no doctor and there are great sources out there to learn more. The bottom line is, I can’t eat sourdough. But that doesn’t stop me! Like I said, the process is so therapeutic. And in some ways, I find great satisfaction hearing an “mmm” every time my hubby takes a bite in his sandwich.

So I have been making bread… thankful to have starter, so I don’t have to worry about the current yeast shortage. Although, flour was in very short supply just weeks ago. If you have a Winco Foods near by, you need to check it out. Bulk prices without buying bulk and no membership fee! This is where I primarily shop to stock my pantry including my flour.

Please share with me if you have tried your hand at sourdough. How old is your starter? I hear some can last generations!

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