Copper Everything

I would have everything copper if I could. I have always loved the earthy, warm effect copper can have in a space, the way it beautifully distributes heat in cooking, and the charm it can bring to a space. It is so beautiful to look at brand new and even more beautiful as it ages. In some ways, I aspire to be like copper.

I have three copper kettles. Two, I inherited from my mother-in-love and the other was a gift from an Amish antique shop that AJ picked up when we were visiting PA. He knows my sweet spot for copper.

Although copper is not cheap, it does last a long, long time. So, if you can ever get your hands on copper cookware for a good price, do it. It will last a life time and can be passed down through your family.

Well today, I cheated. I wanted to bring an element of copper into the living room without the price tag. Our curtain rods came with the house and are not really my style. But, with a little spray paint done right, I think these will be a lovely addition to our picture frame windows.

How fun is this?! And only $4.95!
I was very happy with the way they turned out. The curtains were a lot of fun too but I will have to write another blog about the finished product at a later time.

If curtain rods ever need a face lift, this upgrade is affordable and fun! A $5 DIY that makes a room look a little more put together is the way I like to refresh a space.

Now I wait a few hours to turn them over to spray the last bit before the final dry. AJ will hang them up tonight so we can enjoy watching a movie without the evening glare.

Laundry and a creamy cup of coffee beckons me.

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