Hot and Humid (That’s July for you)

July in Oklahoma is so hot. With less than 5 inches of rain this month and weeks of triple digits, all that used to bloom in my garden now looks a little sad. Nothing except cannis and certain veggies like this heat. I cannot stand being outside for more than a few minutes during the heat hours. Once Golden Hour hits, hubby and I get to work outside for as long as there is day light. This is the time we will eat dinner on the back porch, watch Augie chase dragon flies, mow the lawn (twice a week because it grows so fast!), and water everything.

We have been working on setting up a water supply near the garden since I have been hauling water all summer. The spigot attached to the house is too far away and dragging a 150 feet of hose doesn’t sound fun. So, instead of hauling a very heavy hose, I haul a few 5 gallon bucks full of cold water down to the garden and fill my watering can. All is well. Augie will even take a cold drink from the bucket while I water. The evening hours of water give my plants just enough time to survive the next heat wave during the long hot days. July is the time I give my plants a little extra food and attention because it could be detrimental if I neglect even for just a few days with no rain.

As we neared the end of the month, I look back on the perks of this hot weather. Hubby and I spent more time working on projects inside. The curtains and pictures are now hung in the living room. The space is so much cozier and I am falling more in love with our home. I managed to organize my pantry and clear a few shelves before I fill it up again with canned goodies from the garden in the months ahead. I am read through so wonderful books that inspired me to live frugally and unplug more to be present at home.

The Kitchen Garden is exploding! My tomatoes are nearly as tall as I am! This is wonderful for my shade loving veggies like broccoli and kale. They seem to be doing okay under the protection of the tomatoes’ coverage. The jalapenos are popping all over the place and my hubby can’t wait for their harvest. The watermelons are beginning to grow too (I got them in the ground late this season). We do not have nearly enough bees on our property, so I had to self pollinate the melons to get the two that are currently growing on there now. I wish I knew this weeks ago, but I know better for next year!

Roma Tomatoes are doing well and I find more fruit every day!

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