The Easy Way to Ground a Space

At the beginning of the pandemic quarantine, I used my weekends to wake up the house with spring cleaning and some fresh paint on the walls. When we first moved into our home 9 months ago, I fell in love with the beautiful picture windows in our living room that overlook our backyard.

After the blinds came down and the paint went up, I decided that I never wanted blinds ever again. We had the privacy already and the light that filled the room was lovely. However, a few weeks of glare on the TV in the evenings prompted me to rethink my decision. I was looking for a subtle way to ground the space with texture but also be practical.

The evening glare made it impossible to start a movie at a decent hour and my pictures would suffer fading if I didn’t do something.

We have four windows. Two large ones in the center and then two at a diagonal on the side. I wanted curtains on the ends that would introduce a natural element that was both soft but heavy enough to ground the wall. So I went to our hardware store and picked up a 6×9 ft. canvas drop cloth for $14. I cut it in half long ways and sewed up the edges.

Then, I clipped the cloth with a 12″ overhang to give that extra visual interest. In my previous post I mentioned spray painting our existing curtain rods. Here are the before and afters!

The before finish and then the after! Thank you Rustoleum!!

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