The Whole Place to Ourselves

We moved to Oklahoma 3 years ago to very aggressively pay off debt. But living in the City had it’s challenges when trying to do recreational activities on a budget. We learned to enjoy free hobbies like parks, disc golf playing, going to “shop” for RV’s (but really to just look at all the layouts and dream), reading, cooking, pool time (our apartment had a pool, oh how we miss it!) walks with Augie, and a $6 matinee on occasion.

After we moved out here to the country, we found that our location allotted for more opportunity to enjoy our time in new places. Areas that are still unexplored beckon us on the weekends and evenings. AJ is always looking for a new place to fish.

We have been able to get away to the lake for a day or two this summer. Lake of the Arbuckles was our most recent venture. The water is nice. The foliage is BEAUTIFUL. But the beach is not. Probably the worst beach I have ever experienced! There is very little shoreline with sharp rocks making it so difficult to fish (Hope, pack the water shoes next time!) But the fishing was good!

We will leave at dawn to get there super early to beat the crowds and get some good fishing in. Lounging like a frog on a lily pad in our dollar store inner tubes, we float for hours and have our cares melt away for just a bit. Paired with a delightful read, I have been loving Elizabeth Bard’s memoirs of living in France (I need light books right now. Life is crazy enough!)

AJ has really been getting into fishing this summer. With tackle box fully stocked and poles set up on the shore, he fished his heart away.

This was a cheat as this poor smallmouth bass was swimming on the surface sideways. Nonetheless, we had to snap a pick for me to hear, “I caught it with my bare hands!”
We even managed to bait a few of these little guys with our left over brats from the charcoal grill!

After lunch, we were packing up just as the parade of families arrived with their boats and jet skis in tow. The cove that was only ours to enjoy with cricket chirping was replaced with the sounds of bass boats racing across the water, tubers shrilling with thrill, and sunscreen wafting over the surrounding picnic areas… that is our Que to head on home.

On our drive out of the park, we pass “Full Parking Lot” signs, park rangers directing chaos, and a line of cars 50-75 deep of comers hoping to get lucky with a picnic spot. We have a soft smile on our face as we drive by knowing we had the whole place to ourselves. Early bird gets the worm, or in our case the “peace and quiet”.

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