Looking for Offerings in Homemaking

I started writing because I wanted to share everything I was learning, and show others that there is a better way of living. It is possible to have a charming home without needing all of the extras including massive amounts of money earned by working yourself to death. No, it is possible to have a beautiful life without being crazy rich and booshy. It doesn’t have to be depressing or feel like drudgery.

My weekend was compiled of homemade iced coffee in the afternoons with music and an apple cinnamon candle burning in the background as I mended in the home. It’s cozy. Cozy inspires me. I spent a good part of this weekend mending holes, fixing buttons, and sewing some items on the machine.

Instrumental hymn music playing in the background gives me Hobby Lobby vibes. and is my favorite playlist when crafting. Before the pandemic, I loved to just stroll through Hobby Lobby for encouragement. The good smells, thoughtful music, and all of the pictures and signs with Scripture writings would encourage my weary heart after a hard day. The words to these hymns come to my mind as I walk and look at all of the pretty things. Words of surrender, praise, thankfulness, joy, and steadfastness. The hymns that my heart needed at the perfect time. I wouldn’t buy anything unless yarn was on sale… nope, I would just stroll up and down the isles looking for inspiration. That feeling though–the ‘cozy’…

As I sit here sewing, I am reminded of those strolls. Now, I have a place in my home that I can create new memories like this. There is something really sweet about the routine within homemaking. A time of routine and rythmn that is accompanied by time spent praying and communing with God.

Elisabeth Elliot would say, “Peeling onions over the sink can be your sacrifice to God. This is your offering.” I always think of this when I feel that what I am doing does not have great purpose…what a lie this is! Paul writes in Romans 12 that we are living sacrifices. Every day is an opportunity to live sacredly and sacrifice an offering to God.

What is your offering today?

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