The Pilot is Paid in Full!

When we began this debt free journey 4 years ago, we didn’t leave much room for the idea of emergencies or the debt we would accrue. One of those emergencies was our failing car. A true lemon. It served us for awhile but soon had many expensive engine issues. After long 12 hour shifts, AJ would putt the 2009 Honda Pilot into our garage, park it, ride his long board down the road to Auto Zone, and come home 10 minutes later with another part needing to be installed. Too many evenings to count, this went on for months.

Many of you know this feeling of an unreliable vehicle. The future feels bleak and there is always an uneasy feeling. I was working downtown at the time. Stop and go traffic during my 45 minute commute every day. Not to mention the one time my brakes went out during rush hour. Embarrassed and ready to cry, I called AJ from a Walmart parking lot in the bad part of town after using my e brake to get off the interstate. It was so unsettling. At the time, I wish I had a job within walking distance and just forget it.

We loathe the day that finally came 2 years ago–we found ourselves going to the dealership looking for a miracle. We were already so backwards on our car(roughly 6k), we were surprised that they took it as a trade in, sight unseen. Originally priced at $7,500, we walked out with a 2006 Honda Pilot. It was our best bet, but with the previous car loan absorbed, we now owed nearly twice what it was worth at a whopping $12,500. Yikes!

The Pilot turned out to be our miracle. With 1 previous owner and the cleanest CarFax either one of us had ever seen, this car has served us so well on many adventures and we have never had any issues. This vehicle has been the most incredible blessing. She is still rolling at 140,000 miles. And today, she became ours! We paid the remaining balance off today after saving the entire year! $8,372.41!!! Yahoo!!!

Paying off one car loan feels good. Paying off what was technically two car loans feels INCREDIBLE! Not only is the Pilot paid for, but it is still running so well, reliable, practical, and will serve us for many more years. I am so thankful for that.

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