Grateful for the Simple and the Hail Storms…

Life has been a lot slower these days with the current global pandemic. There is a lot of nonsense, but I am grateful that the pandemic hit during the warmer months. Could you imagine how sick and tired we would get locked in our homes during the winter? At least there are birds singing and flowers blooming–and a picnic once in a while is okay to do. Although, we had a hail storm on Sunday, Aug 16. Grape-sized hail. But no damage done to the house or garden. Just a whole lot of much needed rain.

Ho Hum…that word grateful… that is where I’m at. Being at home with really no other choice given, other than to be grateful for today and focusing on the joys it brings. Delicious tea, homemade bread, a candle lit in the evenings, a loving husband, a home to clean… simple things… I am grateful.

These last 4 months of the pandemic have been so interesting in the States. Since mandates are based off each governor, the country is divided. Friends share with me their restrictions in their state and make Oklahoma’s mandates seem not so bad. Not to mention all the other political nonsense going on as I’m sure you are aware. Either way, the election in November will make a lot of unhappy people go crazy. Not that I’m here to get into politics!!

Speaking of crazy, my garden has gone nuts! Tomatoes everywhere (do I smell pasta sauce? 🙂 ) I picked over 20 san marzano and roma tomatoes the other day and plan on canning them tonight. This is the life.

5 babies!

We have a bird’s nest in a tree near our porch. In the evenings, I hear them cry for mama as she brings them a delicious grasshopper. There are 5 little birds that seem to double in size every day. They are nearly 2 weeks old. The turtles still come out onto the banks of the pond in the heat of the day to sunbathe in these 90+ degree temps. Hot and humid. My garden loves it. I just pour myself another glass of sweet tea.

That tree in the picture is home to the bird’s nest
The raised bed. Tomatoes galore and mammoth broccoli with no florets.

That is life right now. There has been a lot of healing in homemaking and I am kind of really excited for the fall and pumpkins and cozy blankets. You know, I can’t imagine what the Holidays will look like this year…
Does it even matter? As I look to the fall, I am reminded of that word Grateful. This has been the word I say most in my prayers. I just pray that everyone will be surrounded by loved ones this Thanksgiving and Christmas. Consumerism is so overrated!

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