Exploring “Spots” in Oklahoma

We spent Sunday afternoon driving around southern Oklahoma. We have a coffee table travel book we picked up a few years ago from the Oklahoma Visitor’s Center. It’s based off of region, so if we feel like driving east, there is a whole section of “must sees and do’s” in that part of the state.

Our first stop was in Davis at the famous “Fried Pies” just outside of Turner Falls. AJ tried the blackberry fried pie while he waited for a bacon, egg, and cheese fried pie to be made. Very delicious, and a really fun, quick, rest stop if you are traveling along I-35. Our initial plan was to go to Turner Falls, but upon our arrival decided not to since it was $15 a person and was overcrowded and commercialized.

After filling up on pie, we headed back to Lake of the Arbuckles in search of a private spot to relax and fish. Along the way, we scoped out some great camping spots for the future. AJ drove slowly allowing me to write down lot numbers and pinning our location on my Maps app for future use. This is how we find “spots” for future adventures.

Coming across a peninsula on our satellite view in Google, we drove to the very bottom of the lake right before the river where we were able to fish for awhile and eat lunch. We then made our way across the lake to a beach next to the marina with a great view of the dam. We floated for a little bit and soaked up the sun of our 101 degree afternoon before heading home.

Even though the stores already have all of the Halloween and Christmas decor out, we are holding onto summer for as long as possible. The warm weather makes this easier in Oklahoma. It can be a scorcher some days, but soon, I will not be able to embrace the sun drying my hair. So right now, I am.

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