A Walk to Work

It’s a long story, but the results are really good…good for me, my health, my mornings, and also good for my wallet. I will touch briefly on the story:

In order to park near my office, a parking pass is required. It figures to be about $6 a week, totaling $350 a year…. steep. Being new to my commute and the area surrounding my new job, we had budgeted for this last year. Upon COVID in March, I began to work remotely at home with the rest of my office. And although we were not on campus the last 4 months, everyone was refused a refund for their unused permit.

I was upset. Who wouldn’t be? But I learned my lesson and after asking around, I decided that the best option for me was to walk. I would park 1/2 mile away in a free lot and walk. I had made up my mind.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Can I just tell you how much I have enjoyed this walk? The sun peaking through the trees, the birds singing, the quiet morning, and the exercise has been so wonderful. I look forward to the mental transition to and from work every day. Even with the thunderstorms we have had the past 3 days, I look forward to bundling up in my hiking boots, rain jacket, and umbrella and embrace the weather.

Embrace your current situation. Do what is right for you and enjoy it. It’s these moments that last and are fond to look back on.

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