Mornings with Mom

Living far away from family calls for being intentional. Intentional with visits, phone calls, holidays, and checking in. It has been 10 years of long distance with my family. Part of me really envies families that can just drop in to say “hi” and live life together. Part of me is also thankful for the distance. High fences make good neighbors. I suppose I love my family in doses. Everyone gets along well and loves well, but space is needed to rejuvenate and refresh.

My routine on Saturday mornings involves my phone propped up against the back splash as I video chat with mom. We will brew coffee, talk about the latest and greatest, and catch up about our week. I look forward to this every week and treasure it. Whether it’s 20 minutes or 1 1/2 hrs., we love to talk and listen.

Over Labor Day weekend, we did the same, but were in person this time. AJ and I took the Thursday and Friday off before the Holiday weekend and drove out to Colorado to visit Mom and Yia Yia for a quick trip.

Making Moments. Mom and I love making moments.

We spent a morning drinking coffee as we do, but this time on the balcony together overlooking the San Juans. We used to do this while I was growing up nearly every weekend. Facing south in the early morning, you can see the blue silhouettes of the mountains with their peaks in the sunshine–the backdrop hues of orange, yellow, and blue fading up to the sky. The peaceful sounds of the cool mountain air. The mama dear and her two doe grazing in the field before the shadows disappear.

Early walk with Augie up the canal just east of the house
Mama and her two does off center of the tree
Mom sharing about the salvaged sod on the left that she got for free from a local nursery.

The neighborhood kitties came into the garden below to hide in the tall grasses. Not a cloud in the sky. The neighbors came out to say “good morning” from their fence as they began painting the shed. As they caught their kitties attention, 2 fur balls prance back underneath the split rail fence looking for morning affection.

Before the heat of the day, we went down to her garden and clipped flowers to make a bouquet for a sick friend. Lots of wild grasses, white lace vine, mexican hats, echinacea, catmint, alyssum, virginia creeper berries, and trumpet vine–anything that was still in bloom in September. We came inside to arrange the bouquet on the dining table after whipping up a batch of gluten free biscottis. As the aroma from the oven filled the house, Mom showed me her newest thrift store finds and a 2nd round of Cimarron Coffee Roasters brew before AJ got back from fishing the Cimarron Reservoir that morning.

White Lace Vine along the split rail fence
Foraging the last of the Mexican Hats in the garden
Biscotti Dough…. yum!! Recipe coming soon! 🙂

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