Purging, Purging, Purging

Perhaps it started when the Netflix docu series’ , “Tidying Up” and “Minimalism” were introduced into my living room January of 2019. Since then, I have learned a lot. A lot about what I have and what I no longer want or need. I have been swinging on the minimalism pendulum for some time and find that I am settling somewhere in the middle.

Frugalism helps with that. I have never shopped just to shop. When I do need to buy something, I have shopped from awhile and make sure it has multiple functions. This is why I have not splurged on a food processor or immersion blender. Could I just ladle soup into my tiny blender? For now, yes.

Our Labor Day trip to Colorado was dual-purposed. Visit family and take childhood things home with us. I went through bags upon bags of homework assignments, beanie babies, polly pockets, stuffed animals… mounds of things.

Donate. Recycle. Trash. Keep. These were the piles that took over my bedroom.

I came across my Brio Magazines. Did anyone else love these as much as I did? Published by Focus on the Family, this monthly magazine was an incredible discipleship tool that influenced my Christian walk during my middle school and high school years. 15 years later, here I was reminded of this blessing God had given me in 6 years of issues. As I sorted them to donate, I wrapped them up and prayed that maybe another insecure, awkward middle school girl would find them and learn about a Jesus that loves her exactly the way she is.

With the few boxes I decided to keep, we drove home with the intention of tackling the the office (the “catch all”) and guest bedroom (more “catch all”) the following weekend.

So sure enough, AJ and I spent this past weekend purging together. It got messy… then clean. We were unpacking boxes that have been sealed since the move… 3 years ago this week actually. And they’ve been packed that long? Do we even need to keep the things in these boxes? We kept a small handful–donated and threw out the rest. It felt good.

We found a home for everything we decided to keep including: craft supplies, sewing machine, books, keepsakes, mementos, letters…. then the sleeping bags and mattress pads hung by the files with care as our good old gym would soon be there…( ol’ saint nick would be impressed)

Family will be coming to visit in just a few weeks. Now I feel good about hosting them. They have their space to rest and relax. Space in the closets for their items. Truly a little getaway. Our very own “airbnb” feeling room.

The purge also allotted us room for AJ’s old gym from high school. It will live in our office corner. It will be delivered by family in the coming weeks. Let’s face it, we are both fat. I’m talking our own kind of fat. The kind of fat that is surpassing my 20’s into my 30’s. My body is changing. I want to take care. When I take care of me, I can better take care of my family and others. This gym is such perfect timing. Here’s to purging things and bad habits.

And finally the before and after of the office. It really has been our “catch all” Things that desperately need a home. Now, it is a bit bare, but with the gym going in the corner in just a few weeks and some artwork for the wall, I think it will look lovely.

2 thoughts on “Purging, Purging, Purging

    1. For a long time they did not, but I think they just recently began publishing again. Brio was geared more towards 10-14 age. And their Brio and Beyond magazine was for high school age (14-18). Not sure if they have combined the two into one magazine now, but you can look on Focus on the Families website.


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