Overlanding: Done Waiting

“Today is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad!”

Waiting. People spend a lot of time waiting in their lives. Waiting in line. Waiting on the phone. Waiting for pick up…

But even deeper… Waiting on the Lord. Waiting for a plan to happen. Waiting for answers. Waiting for financial freedom. Waiting for children.

All these things.

Some things don’t have a concrete timeline. Some things all I can do is wait. I can trust. Trust in the One who knows and cares.

“Does our faith rest on having prayers answered as we think they should be answered, or does it rest on that mighty love that went down into death for us?” -E. Elliot Path Through Suffering

The outdoors have always been where I go to recharge, balance, and reflect. AJ and I fell in love in the outdoors too, so this makes it extra sacred for me. One of our dreams is to travel all across the country visiting old friends and U.S. National Parks in some type of camper or converted vehicle. Once we are debt free, the freedom to travel would allow us this flexibility. There is a timeline though–a blurry timeline. So, we must wait.

That desire? It’s still there. Waiting to be unleashed.

So we are unleashing that current desire by modifying. Just because you may not be able to live out a dream to the fullest, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it now only modified. Our modification: Overlanding.

It’s new to us. Different from just off-roading or camping, rather a combo of the two. It has been described as “self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the journey is the primary goal.” Preferably in some kind of 4×4 vehicle. “Car camping”. This is includes: off-roading, exploration, and overcoming obstacles.

It’s rather spiritual when you think about it.

While the destination is important, the journey of how you get there contributes to your vitality. Being brave, remembering your Source, having an adventurous spirit, and a willingness and courage will help you traverse through obstacles in front of you.

What does this look like for AJ and I? Well, we still don’t know. We bought an air mattress and roof rack for our 2006 Honda Pilot. This allows us to camp anywhere. We took it out to Lake Murray this past weekend just to try it out. We learned a lot. A lot about how to pack, what to pack, and what to leave at home. After finding a spot to camp for the night, I began to set up our bed, when sure enough, there was a hole and the patch was left at home. So we drove to Walmart, purchased a $20 air mattress and tried again–this time with success.

It wasn’t “fun”. This trip was just to test and trial. But look at this view. This with our breakfast was well worth it. I look forward to learning and traveling with AJ in this way for awhile. Weekend trips here and there is all we can do. But it is what we have and can enjoy today.
Trying out the stove for the first time. I have only ever cooked with an MSR pocket rocket, so this feels like the lap of luxury. Although I LOVE cast iron, I will need to be thrifting for some smaller, stainless steel pans that can be cleaned easily with soapy water. Cast iron cooks beautifully but is such a pain when camping.
AJ caught a small Largemouth Bass right before he called it quits.

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