Christmas in October

Yes, that’s what we did during a pandemic. We celebrated all the Holidays coming up before things get worse. I even decorated. I put up our tree and decorated for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

We had a full house hosting my “in loves” for the past two weeks. I loved every minute. Movies, games, good food, and our 1st annual “Lew-lympics”. We played every yard game imaginable, all games that involved dice, ice cube shuffleboard, Pictionary Air, made up games, and more games…

Weekend #1

Friday- Halloween–complete with dressing up, retro arcades, spooky candy, and “The Ghost and Mr. Chicken”.
Saturday- Thanksgiving & Christmas was celebrated by smoking a brisket, each person buying one person a present, enjoying the cooler weather outside all day, and playing quite a few rounds of cornhole and other “Lew-Lympic” competitions well into the night.

Sunday- We celebrated New Year’s by talking about goals that we have for the upcoming months ahead, reflecting on this past year, and enjoying our last full day all together.

Monday morning, the siblings flew home, but the parents stayed for another week of fun with us and stayed in their RV. They drove all the way from their home in Florida where hubby grew up. What a trip!

Weekend #2– We went camping in NW Arkansas at a beautiful lake. We rode motorcycles through the mountains, made delicious food wrapped in foil over the campfire, antique shopping, and spent time reading at the campsite. It was so refreshing and a place I would like to visit again soon.

Take time to enjoy the upcoming Holidays any way you can. Get creative. With these uncertain times, take every day and make it special. Decorate your tree funky, plant mums in your front flower beds, make pumpkin cookies when you find pumpkin in stores, and take pictures to remember the sweet moments during this strange time.

2 thoughts on “Christmas in October

  1. I like your idea – celebrating while you can! I usually decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving, but we are in the middle of moving – and will be settled (mostly, I hope) by Thanksgiving. I think this year we’ll go straight to Santa and Snowmen!

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    1. We were moving this time last year also! We had kept a bin of small decorations out just in case the unpacking process became too much and we wouldn’t have time to dig out all the usual decor. I’m so glad we did that! It’s fun to find spots for your old decorations in a new home. Happy moving! 💕


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