Praying Through the Calendar

Because I am up early on this beautiful Christmas morning, I decided to do a house sweep and pray through the New Year… Just the two of us this year, like many households in 2020. We did our celebrations on Christmas Eve and enjoyed a hot meal.

Now, I am up early with a cup of coffee zipping about the house doing laundry and prepping the kitchen to can more salsa. I took the early morning (4am-7am) to just do chores quietly. I have my best energy in the morning. It was a time of mundane tasks, but ones I do enjoy. It gives me time to think and pray. Sort my thoughts and reflect on goals.

Goals for 2021. We all have big hopes and dreams for 2021. So much was stripped away and there were many losses this year for everyone. So, I just want to start with the basics. I want to start fresh.

I want to pray through my calendar. I want to prayerfully consider my commitments and what furthers a life of generosity and other-centeredness versus what satisfies my whims.

Say no. To say the right yeses, I need to be patient and say learn to say no first. 2020 was a great platform for this.

Make a list of things that feed my soul. When I do this, I will know what my priorities are and know where to throw in the towel or take time to rest.

Scheduling dinners/ activities. The future of communion is so unknown with extended family and church family, but this is still something I want to achieve even with my immediate family. Taking time to slow down and savor the good food God gave us and also cultivating relationships around the table. This also goes for enjoying the outdoors which is AJ and I’s favorite way to spend time together.

Our Christmas Eve walk this year with Augie wearing a polar bear sweater. 🙂 We want to take more walks in 2021.
More waffles. Yes, this is a goal for 2021.
Dressing Augie up for Christmas time. He looks less intimidating when he wears his cute polar bear sweater and bandanas.🙂 I want to take him on more adventures in 2021. It’s good exercise for both of us. Dogs are wonderful at discouraging a sedentary lifestyle.
Creative dates. The pandemic got us used to spending time at home. Now we dress up our dinners for a special date night. It distinguishes our at home dates from other weeknight dinners. You see those hot coals in the fireplace? Those are for smores. ❤️I want to do more date nights at home in 2021.
The garden from this year was definitely one of my highlights. I found a lot of healing in this hobby. We ate so good from this produce. I hope to expand the garden in 2021.

2 thoughts on “Praying Through the Calendar

  1. I love your outdoor fireplace! How nice is that? Great idea for datenights at home – dressing up your dinner. New Years is my favorite. I love dreaming and looking forward to a brand new start. I haven’t set goals/resolutions yet – wanted to get through Christmas first so I could just have a chance to think 🙂

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