Pruning & Weening

Finding place is so much more complicated than I thought. I am trying to find holiness in the suburbs. As I go for a walk through the neighborhood paths, I think of the dust kicking onto my shoes. Dust that was intentionally placed there; knowing that this dust doesn’t lie at the foothills of glorious mountains. It’s the suburbs. I try and be present here. The air is crisp. I notice my lungs growing tighter as I climb up a hill. My mind emptying. This is where I’m at. Finding place in this world, in this season the Lord has me in.

I struggle through lies and mountains I have built in my head. But I don’t give up. AJ gently reminded me the other day that I am not defeated. Feeling defeated is giving in to those lies. In contrast, we struggle, we wrestle, and we strive to lean in and depend on the One Who has already conquered those battles.

I am so grateful for the way God reminds me of my dependency on Him. Job 1 reminds us that when we get comfortable, everything encourages us to look to earthly things to satisfy and replace the space reserved for our King. If you are a follower of Jesus, you know that He did not promise us prosperity, rather adversity. Always weening us away from these earthly things…..all the things…. and points our hearts upward to eternal rewards that will not be granted this side of Heaven. What a sweet reminder that He wants SO MUCH MORE for us.

Dear friends, lean into the One Who loves you most. Despite all of the hardships and trials, He offers true comfort and satisfaction. No amount of this world can satisfy that deep longing in your soul.

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