The Cloud of God’s Provision

February is a reminder that winter has finally arrived in Oklahoma. It always seems to be the coldest of the months. Yesterday was an ice rink, so we stayed home. More snow flurries and ice is expected.

I’m trying to organize my thoughts as I look at my calendar. February 11th… How in the world? January seemed like a blink, I feel February will be no different.

I have enjoyed many things about February. One of them being coffee. I have finally tried the infamous Café Bustello… and yes, it is absolutely delicious and strong. My morning ritual includes a rich devotional paired with a rich cup of coffee. I have been getting up really early too. I feel more ready for the day and better balanced. 20 minutes of yoga a few mornings a week has helped too. I am not hardcore about it, but I do enjoy the breathing, stretching, and focus it allows my body to do first thing.

I have also been challenged in February. Our microwave and kitchen faucet broke in the same evening. Just 3 days after finding and purchasing a wonderful dishwasher on sale. Not to mention, Aj threw his back out taking the microwave down. But this is how it goes, doesn’t it? 🙂 I am not here to complain, but I do want to acknowledge and recognize where my heart and attitude is focused. Am I choosing to stop and take a step back to evaluate? How am I responding? Am I full of anger or am I choosing to serve my home and husband with love and faithfulness. Am I trusting the Lord with our finances in this moment? These are the thoughts I am having this morning.

I read a timely devotional from Charles Spurgeon that talks about God’s Provision. I pray it encourages someone today as it has encouraged me.

Can I throw my hands up and be done with it? Yes, yes I could. But instead I am trying to focus on truth and gratitude for God’s provision.

I am grateful that God provided AJ the wisdom and skill to take our microwave apart and find what needs to be replaced. A $10 part that will be here today. The sink has so much mineral deposit built up underneath that the faucet is nothing but a trickle at the moment. I have washed dishes in the bathroom before, I can do it again. 🙂 Will our water softener need to be serviced? Possibly. Tonight, he will see what the real problem is. Our new dishwasher comes tonight. Oh how exciting.

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