Valentine’s Day Sledding

As I write this post weeks later, I find it fond to reminisce at how special this winter was in many respects. We had two snow storms roll through within a week of one another which made for a beautiful blanket of snow to enjoy from home.

Oklahoma does not have the means to plow and salt every road, so usually the state just shuts down and lets it pass.

So we were home… for 5 glorious days. What a gift. AJ generally works long hours during the week, so any chance to slow down because of no internet was a true blessing.

It was a crazy week, but it was so enjoyable. I even made some bird food for the poor robins and cardinals that didn’t know what to do with all of the white stuff. It was fun to see the bright red coat of the cardinals feasting at the edge of our property. I feel I would have been content watching them from our living room window for hours.
For Valentines Day, we spent the day driving around to find the steepest ditch we could find to go sledding into. It’s no surprise to you when I say we don’t really have the best hills for sledding in Oklahoma 😄. What fun we had and boy was it a workout!
We also spent a few days driving around pulling people out of those same ditches and parking lots in town while running errands. Our years of living in snow paid off. 😊 I am convinced that you have to have the right tires and at least front wheel drive to make it through the snow. Our Honda Pilot, lovingly nicknamed “The Mighty Pilot” pulled out 8 cars in just one afternoon on our way to Lowe’s to pick up our new dishwasher!

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