I’m Digging My Books & My Garden

It’s true. I’m spending my Saturdays and evenings barefoot in the garden weeding and digging and watering and planting until I can no longer see, then I run inside to eat dinner at 8:30pm before snuggling up with a book and my husband. These are the days.

I am so grateful for our expanding garden. Last year, we moved water barrels down to the boxes as to not haul water in gardening cans every night. This year, we leveled the barrels and raised them up a bit to attach a hose and have gravity fed water. What used to take a few hours every night, now is a picnic in comparison. Oh how thrilling this is! More time to do other things. 🙂

Only a few things made their way into the soil this week. Brandywines, Romas, pole beans, and carrot seeds. I wasn’t patient enough to harden off these plants, so I’m not holding my breath. For weeks, I have been looking at my notes from last year and all that rings in my head is, “You’re behind schedule, Hope!”. But then I think, “No”. It is going to get done, when it gets done. Priorities have changed from 1 year ago. I have to re-evaluate and keep things in order.

When gardening strays from its original intent and becomes a belaboring task rather than a therapeutic hobby, you have to pause and recognize. Do what you can and leave the rest. There is grace in gardening. That’s what makes it so fun and special.

So, I enjoy watering and hardening off the rest of my “babies” and look forward to the day they are planted outside., even though it will be later.

Books I’m currently reading this month are:

Books are a funny thing. It’s okay to start a book, not love it, and put it down. Come back to it later. You can read a whole book and only get a few good thoughts out of it… but that is time well spent. Chew the meat spit out the bones and be happier for it.

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