Outside or In?

What would you choose?

This time of year feels like a no brainer. Just last night, I got to spend my evening sitting on the back porch watching the Oklahoma lightning storms make their way north. The frogs were carrying on their evening bantering like old men sweating it out in the sauna. They are always the loudest just after a thunderstorm rolls through.

If I had to choose where to spend most of my time, whether outside or in, the answer would be outside. Weather is a big factor in this as we live in Zone 7b… but many times in the spring and fall it can be hailing one minute and calm the next.

The milder evenings are coveted. Calm breezes with just enough clouds for a striking sun set. The mayflies perch themselves on the window screens for the night. The humidity drops just enough to blanket me with that “cozy” feeling but only allowing my cup to sweat this time of year. Usually, there is just enough sunlight left to watch the bats perform their acrobatic feast of the hatching mosquitos.

The loud quiet of the night. All animals creating a ballad. First the birds sing their last stanza before the “old man” frogs take over… then the coyotes psyching up for their “critter hunt”. As the summer arrives, the cicadas will take the stage, drowning out the “old men”. It reminds me of our years in Florida… The sounds almost rock me to sleep as the noise drowns out my stresses of the day. A time to meditate and reflect…

Are you spending your evenings outside or in this time of year?

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