Expecting the Unexpected

Well, Farmer’s Almanac fails all of us at some point. This spring has been oddly “emotional” (as if I’m talking about a teenager 😀 ) One week, the warm front encourages the grass to sprout and the roses to begin budding. The next week, we get the warning for freezing temps and I scramble to find every blanket and trash bag I can to save what has already been planted and thriving.

I lost the green beans and the brandywines. The picture above are my beautiful green beans before the frost. But, it makes me glad that I started from seed more than I had planted. As I write this, I have more tomatoes being hardened off outside in their pots and plugged more beans in straight into the ground. In just 4 days, the tomatoes have grown inches and the beans are pushing dirt. 🙂 I am planting the tomatoes and everything else in the ground this weekend. Much later than what I was expecting, but that is what makes logging in a gardening journal so valuable.

My salad garden did survive since these are all cold-loving veggies. Just last night I picked a few radishes to go with our fresh “salad bowl mix” lettuce which you can see is shining a bright green in this picture. It feels so good to have fresh produce so early in the year. Definitely wanting to expand this for next spring. Speaking of next year…

Next year I need to:

  • Start the carrots and green beans from seed in the ground. These make them grow stronger and takes out the “middle man” of starting them inside. They do well enough.
  • Start more tomatoes than anticipated. One way or another, there needs to be a margin for possible “freezes” or dying.
  • Start from seed inside earlier. Cabbages, lettuces, carrots, kale, even onions. All cold loving veg. I was a month behind.
  • Plan my onions in a clusters. I learned this from “Gardenary”. As they sprout and grow, you can easily pull them apart to plant.
  • Get another grow light. This really was such a good investment. Building a strong root system for plants started indoors.
  • Grow more marigolds. Out of the 6 seeds I planted in March, only 1 germinated. I threw some seeds in the beds last night!

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