Get Growing!

This time of year is always busy. Busy because of all the digging and watering and sowing and planting. What is a girl to do? I got everything planted. Everything. *wipe the brow* No more plants in the windows. Hardening off plants did not go as planned, but sometimes you just have to plant and cross your fingers. I have mentioned before how odd this spring has been with random frosts and hail storms. It is what it is… in the ground they go! Promising rain showers and sunshine this week will be the ticket for these stunted seedlings. I replanted my green beans from seed 2 weeks ago and they are doing GREAT. Already sprouting their “true” leaves.

It’s also a dirty time of year for pests. Cabbage worms, potato beetles, and aphids have begun to take residence in the garden beds. Thankfully I am prepared to walk the garden every evening when the shadows are long looking for these little guys. I look over to the pond to see the blue heron and turtles on the banks taking in the last bit of sunshine before retiring for the evening. We have a lot in common.

I am working on my super hero abilities. Thinking about a name, “Queen Greens”. Nice ring to it… I harvested a weeks worth of salad from the garden last night–washed, cut up, and stored for the busy days ahead. I made a promise to myself to eat more salads. Something live on my plate every day. I have only recently begun to like salad. Once I had my friend’s winter salad with spinach, pomegranates, and goat cheese with a balsamic vinaigrette, my life was changed. My hope for salad was restored. I thought, “I could do this”. Although I don’t have plans of raising my own goats, nor the climate to grow pomegranates, I know that I can grow lettuce. We’ll start there…

Did I mention the salads? *wink* Delicious salads to pair with dinners. This is my first year growing salads, and boy I have been missing out! Easy to grow, low maintenance in the spring and great reward. Any of you that are looking to start a garden but unsure of where to begin, I recommend salads. Anything you like in a salad. Radishes take only 4 weeks from seed to harvest. Lettuces and herbs take very little time also. Get growing!

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