Laying Awake Unexpectedly

My alarm is set to go off at 4:30 a.m. That’s 45 minutes from now. I can’t sleep with my mind swirling about tomorrow’s plans.

AJ is packed and ready to make an unexpected trip to Chicago for a funeral…The favorite great aunt. The one who everybody loved including the spoiled geese who live outside her window.

He will drive the 12 hrs to meet his mom and brother who are flying in and begin the long week of sorting, packing, letting go, giving, and remembering.

As for me and my sister-in-love, we are staying home… For the pups, for the garden, and truthfully because things are just too busy at work. I am thankful to support from the home front. A steadiness… a constant. A comfort.

Eating out while living in a hotel for a week can get expensive. So, I am sending the family with egg salad sandwiches, banana bread, snacks, bbq ribs, and lasagna. What better way is there? Processing death can look so different for each person in the family. My way was baking, searing, chopping, packing, and cleaning sink fulls of dishes…Elisabeth Elliot’s podcast was my company.

Even during unexpected moments, lean into the pause and process however long it takes, whenever it strikes.

Well, it’s my last chance to get some shut eye before the alarm goes off to pack up the cooler and get hubby on his way😌.

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