Millie’s Lilies

Let me tell you a story about Millie’s Lillies. Pictured above is a snapshot of my weekend on the north side of our home present day.

These are the lilies that came from our first home (actually it was a cabin) when we first got married. These surrounded our cabin of 360 sq. ft. Tiger lilies in Upstate New York always bloom in time for the 4th of July. So, we made the 25 hour drive back last week and although our cabin is no longer there, the lilies were.

These lilies were planted by my friend when she was a newly wed living in this same cabin, appropriately named “The Love Nest” cabin. They were a gift from Millie Bollback, who passed earlier this year. ✝️ Her and her husband, Harry, had a deep passion for young couples like us… Nearly 20 years ago, my friend planted these gifts around the perimeter of the cabin.

The Bollback’s legacy lives on in more ways than the years of these lilies—Nearly 75 years of reaching youth.

I could not resist rehoming many, not all, of these blooms. They weathered wonderfully on the trip home and now 18 of these bulbs will bloom where they were planted at our new “home” in Oklahoma. A true testament and visual reminder of God’s faithfulness through the years.

What are your visual reminders that make it “home” for you? Don’t have any? Make one! Think of what has always felt like “home” and get creative in how you can incorporate it… a picture? A piece of furniture? A shadow box? Even if you move frequently, you MUST establish that where you currently are and who you spend it with is “home”.

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