Quiet Tuesdays

There is nothing quite like a quiet Tuesday. No hustle and bustle of the Mondays, but it’s not yet time to dream of the weekend; there is still much to do before then.

It’s harvest time here in Oklahoma. The late frost we had in April killed half of our crop, and stunted the other half. After cleaning up what was left in the raised beds, I directly sowed and prayed for a mild spring to kick off their germination. I also feel that I was spoiled last year with amazing weather and an incredible harvest. I deem this year as “normal” weather….

Here is our bounty so far this year:

Yukon gold potatoes
One beautiful watermelon that we were able to enjoy with friends
This was a good year for carrots. I have probably 2 dozen more like this poking out of the ground!
1st year growing bell peppers
Even though my tomatoes are all sun-scorched from the 90’s for months on end, we still have a nice harvest for at least a few canning sessions 🙂
Only 2 brandy wine tomatoes from 5 plants! San Marzano and Roma tomatoes will be the prize for tomato sauce this fall.

I am thankful to share about this harvest despite the obstacles the weather played this year. It reminds me that the harvest we did receive was still grown the way it was supposed to and I played a small part in it. My time in the garden has been some of the best moments for me this summer. Time to decompress, process, and think about my life.

What do you find to be therapeutic for you in gardening. Is it the preparation? The slow show of watching it grow? It’s transformation through the weeks? Harvesting and eating your bounty… or maybe all of the above.

Happy Harvest, friends.

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