Breaking Ground

The week after Thanksgiving, we started pushing dirt for our dream garden shed. This shed would be at the edge of our property next to the new home of the garden beds. But not just any shed kit… no no no! That would be far too pricy. We purchased a plan online and a list of lumber and supplies to buy… Oh yes, this is the real deal. Build it yourself and upgrade where you want to and save A LOT of money. We decided on a 12×16 ft. which would be perfect for the garden tools and the lawn tools including lawn mower. It would be a space for me to plant, pot, and grow our amazing little things in the spring. The space would also allow us to have our garage back! 😊 (Being able to pull our vehicles in at a moments notice for an Oklahoma hail storm would be nice too!!) Oh how delightful this will be!

The shed would also provide relief. The extreme heat index of an Oklahoma summer had hammered the poor tomatoes and peppers into shriveled twigs and they could hardly face the south with fruit-producing confidence. My lack of thoughtfulness to sun patterns and tracking the shade throughout the long summer days caused my garden to suffer for most of July and August. This caused us so many issues including leaves burning, flower drop, and no fruit production (none!) for 2 months of our growing season.

So, we have decided to relocate the beds where they will be sandwiched between the property fence and the west facing wall of our completed shed. With intentional shade in the morning and afternoon, the garden will cultivate much healthier all summer long. It will thrive.

The last four weeks, we have used each bit of sunlight (sometimes only 30 minutes after work!). Weekends are full with trips to the hardware store, measuring twice and cutting once, shoveling gravel, learning how to use a miter saw and compact driver, shaking sawdust out of my boots on Saturday night, and putting the same work clothes clothes back on Sunday.

The temps this month have been wonderful. Christmas weekend had us listening to holiday music playlists while sipping on berry smoothies in the December sunshine in between building the floor and the first two walls. I was in Heaven. Every night I plop into bed feeling sore of course, but so alive and accomplished. IcyHot and magnesium salt baths have been a necessity for this large project too. 😊 We are making good time and hope to have the shed and the attached greenhouse ready for seedlings by the end of February.

I have learned so much. Building a shed is no easy feat. The capability of building something so large with little knowledge just amazes me (I am grateful for plans you can purchase!). Trips to the hardware store nearly 4 times a week has motivated me to knock out some audiobooks to finish my 30 book goal in 2021. My marriage to A.J. has surprised me the most during this project. Like I said, this is the largest project we have ever built together and our marriage has grown so much in the process. Patience, respect, trust, and grit has made this project so special.

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