A Shed or Barn?

The beginning of building a shed is full of excitement and uncertainty. When we began building our garden shed 9 weeks ago, we had no idea the work and grit it would involve!

Here is the gambrel-style replacement roof. We were able to salvage 80% of our wood from the gable-style roof and it came together quite nice! Debating on adding eaves. What ideas do you have to make it look more charming?

I have had hardly any free time, but I had to hop on and share with you some thoughts I had this morning. As I’ve shared with you before, I have never done any kind of project like this. I have been so busy trying to balance my job, our home, and working outside with AJ chipping away at this shed. It’s beginning to look like a barn now, don’t you think? I am starting to think of colors for this cute little barn. Barn red? Creamy white? I am up for suggestions!

Busy. Everyone seems to be busy these days. I am on a journey of simplifying and creating margin in my life, but I still find it to be a challenge yet am forever grateful to establish routine. Routines are the comfort and constant in the home. Routines have allowed us to make progress with the shed and still have dinner on the table and clean sheets on the bed. Can you relate??

Whenever a big task is introduced into life, we tend to try and adjust our margins or in some cases, cut things out (exercise, devotions, T.V.) 😄 This shed has been that big project this winter for us. It has taken longer than projected since we had to rebuild the roof. Not to mention the new gambrel style roof makes shingling it ourselves a chore we aren’t up for. It is far too steep for AJ’s fear of heights and my lack of experience doesn’t make efforts much better! This may be one of those steps we hire a professional to do.

I was able to make sandwich bread on a weeknight which almost never happens. Once it had cooled overnight, I pre sliced it in the morning and stored in the freezer. Whenever I pack lunches, I just pull out two frozen pieces and thaw in the microwave. This makes a homemade loaf last way longer and there is no waste.

Have you started a project and never finished it? What do you find to be most helpful when you are nearing the end of a build? What were the moments that you swallowed your pride and threw in the towel? How have your routines been your saving grace in busy seasons?

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