We have a shed! And other things…

I have been silent on here for awhile. I love to read all of your updates around your homesteads and am so inspired. We have been very busy here on our half acre this spring.

You may notice the old farm fence is gone as well. After many years of overgrowth, we knew the fence needed to come down and be rebuilt. It was so fun to dig, push, and pull down old trees and brush away back in March. We left a few mature trees that could be highlighted. We had a very old Chinese Pistache that was half dead and just so ugly. It was too large for the equipment, so AJ leveled it off for me to use as a planter. I can’t wait to see what the end result will be.

We finished the shed just in time for mowing season. The exterior is nearly done once we finish the eaves, a ramp, and add a cute planter box for the window.

I love how the garden door turned out. We went with Valspar DuraMax exterior paint in “Whipped Strawberry” and I’m obsessed. 🙂 This is where our new garden boxes will be this fall. Baby steps, right?
The view from our back porch. We hope to continue the split rail that extends to the pond with an opening to mow behind to keep it clear to deter ticks and the like. You may also notice the additional landscaping that swoops around. We tilled this area at Thanksgiving, then it sat for the winter. We finished planting just a few weeks ago. Every evening I have been watering and tending to everything as it establishes in this heat wave we have had the past two weeks.
I was inspired by Britain’s beloved horticulturist, Monty Don in my plant selection. “You can create an extraordinary garden with as little as 5 varieties of plants.” he says. I have chosen purples and yellows to create a calming an relaxing feel. I went with Sunshine privets, white echinacea, rudbeckia, purple salvia for all summer into fall blooms with creeping phlox and daffodils for the spring colors. That one red geranium will go near the shed to highlight the doors.
With all of this landscaping, I haven’t the time for a regular vegetable garden. I am growing herbs, strawberries, and potatoes in containers on the porch this summer. Besides, I still have all my tomatoes from last summer still frozen in need of being canned. I did manage to make a batch of salsa and marinara sauce this last week with a friend. Her first time canning–always a fun teaching experience!

Those are some of the highlights of my spring. It has been such a fun experience… many! I hope to button up these projects this summer and fall. More to come with the home and homemaking.

What are you most excited to grow in the garden this year? What projects are you wanting to finish up? Happy spring, friends.

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