Growing in the Waiting

So many lessons have been learned in 2022.

Lessons on hardship.


Power of routine.




Gratitude is the greatest lesson I am bringing into this new year. Gratitude in the hardships and the joys of 2022.

There were many hardships. Too many to go into here, but enough that there was a consistent umbrella through the weeks of fear, heartache, and incessant demand for more attention.

The joys outweighed the hardships though. They had to. I needed them to. In seasons of trial it’s so important to outweigh with laughter and good times. That’s what I was told. And I am happy to say it worked a lot of the time.

I was able to travel more and try new things. I met new faces and invested in familiar ones. Many friends who had been living their life just as they should and in a way that I also had lived. It’s sweet to meet with old friends who know you and you know them. Balm to the soul—to sit in each other’s presence without the need to defend or explain one’s self.

I started new home projects; finishing few. A timely resolution just waiting for me to dive back in. I cooked lots of food for a few people— the people who needed it the most.

I took a step back from gardening, but enjoyed all of what nature had to offer. I slowed down and had a chance to soak in the sun and the pool water from the back yard most summer days.

I dove into stories of far away places in different eras. All stories within the pages of books I had dusted for years. Those were great adventures.

The greatest adventure also awaits us in 2023. We are expecting our first baby to be born in June. Our 6th pregnancy and the one to complete our rainbow. We are thrilled.

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