November Doozy

It wasn’t a month of just putting things off, it was a month prepared for. October seemed to be busy. Buzzing about the garden to harvest the last of the veg, preparing for freezing temps, doing the last of the summery things, stocking the pantry and the freezer, ice storms, laundering blankets and pillows, hosting family, and all the other things to prepare for winter and true rest in November. Uneventful rest. No engagements. No appointments.

*sigh* *sip tea*


It was all planned then. A month to focus inwardly and embrace the changing seasons… we were then surprised when AJ tested positive for COVID. All of those restful plans got thrown to the wind. Instead, the month was spent stewing soups, sanitizing surfaces and bedspreads, segregating cutlery, the house, and one another.


All of the weeks of preparation was intended for an intentional winter, little did I know how vital. It alleviated a lot for the stress that comes with sickness. I was able to focus on the day before me and care of AJ. It’s a true miracle I never got it.


Back in February of this year, I remember sitting down to dinner after hearing about the impending pandemic and we thought, “We will know someone who dies from COVID”. After losing a friend last Monday who contracted the virus the same time AJ did, life got put into perspective. She was mid 40’s, had a loving husband, a 12 year old son. Oh my heart hurts for them. I found myself in awe a the table once again looking at now healthy AJ serving himself another helping of stuffing on Thanksgiving. Oh how much we take for granted.


It was Thanksgiving Eve and the night of our 5 year engagement anniversary when he finally received his negative test results. The masks came off and we greeted each other with a kiss. Truly the most precious gift on this anniversary. After 3 weeks locked up, our first outing involved purchasing our first ever, ever, ever live Christmas Tree and driving around the Wichita Wildlife Reserve. We call him “Fraser” as he is a whopping 8 1/2 ft. fraser fir. His stature represents so much this year.

Hold those you love closely. Soak in and savor this holiday season.

This is AJ embracing good health and “Fraser”.
A chilly day in the Wichita Wildlife Reserve.

One thought on “November Doozy

  1. How did I miss this post? I read your new one and heard your husband had covid so came to read this one. Wow..I’m so glad you’re all ok! Happy anniversary! Now back to the new post 🙂

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