“There be snow in these parts.”

This month has been quiet and uneventful for the most part which is so not how December usually goes. I like it. The house just always smells alive. Whether it be something in the kitchen, the aroma of the Christmas tree, or a candle flickering on the counter, there is something to be said about a house that smells active compared to one that is stuffy and stale. We had a 50 degree day last week, and open the house went! Lots of time to breathe. Our dryer broke too… on that same 50 degree day. What do you know? I took advantage of that sunshine and hung out the laundry. It felt good.

We have been busy around here… A “fun” busy. Since AJ is fully recovered from COVID-19, there has been a new life in the house. For one, a deep appreciation and gratitude has blanketed this home and our hearts. And two, new energy and life. AJ is so happy to be back on his feet. We know of others that aren’t as fortunate to recover. I am so grateful for the way God has used these trials as reminders of His presence. AJ is rediscovering new hobbies and checking off the “Honey Do List”. I am busy around the house always.. seasonal laundry, canning the last of the garden veg, handmade Christmas decor creating, scrubbing, decluttering, organizing… We are happy.

I made salsa from our frozen tomatoes and jalapeños from the garden. It turned out delicious and will make great Christmas presents.
Dehydrating oranges for the Christmas Tree. This is a long time German tradition. They are so fun to string up as a garland and once dehydrated, they are translucent and illuminate Christmas lights on the tree.

Now back to winter. Warm and cozy inside. Calm and crisp outside.

It’s an early morning here. We are expecting snow again today. I am thrilled. It just seems so fitting to slow down and enjoy the few flakes of snow we get on the prairie. Oklahoma doesn’t see snow as much as ice, so it is a real treat to bundle up and go outside to enjoy its beauty. The bitting air on my checks reminds me of our days in Upstate New York. I don’t miss my eyelashes and nostrils freezing, but the scarves and jackets kept me warm and were fun to be fashionable.

3 thoughts on ““There be snow in these parts.”

      1. Sadley there’s snow about an hour and a half away but we never go… We had our honeymoon in Tahoe and had lots of snow. So that was fun.


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