“You Are Loved with an Everlasting Love”

She always started her talks that way. A mentor who has inspired me since I was a little girl, Elizabeth Elliot has since passed away leaving an impression on many hearts of wisdom, love, and fearless obedience to the Lord. Though we never had a chance to meet in person, her voice is amplified on my daily commutes with her “new” podcast. Her old recordings from various radio programs and conferences have been resurrected by her granddaughter to be enjoyed for generations to come.

The rhythm of the home can be sacred ground for fruitful growth.

Elizabeth has reminded me over and over again that my homemaking is sacred. My routines are sacred. This haven of my home is meant to be sacred… a safe place for those who reside.

Homemaking is a way to express love and care for loved ones and strangers alike. Who knew that an educational deep dive into how to prepare chicken could be so important! That mending and fixing worn and broken things can extend the life and stretch the budget for other essentials. That staying on top of cleaning can make elbow grease significantly lighter. I find that things like chicken and all-purpose cleaner are part of a larger mission that canopies the whole purpose of why we homemakers can create.

‘How can one be in a spirit of prayer, even while peeling potatoes?(in my case carrots) That is, how can a person commune with God, even while performing the most mundane tasks? His answer: practice – more specifically, the practice of the presence of God.’

Practicing the Presence of God, Brother Lawrence

Homemaking–a place where we can bless those who are hurting by creating moments shared together and reflecting on ones life and the Love received. Loving in your four walls is made up of many things, but the source for true and everlasting love comes from Jesus. May you homemakers boldly shine Jesus’ love forth to your families through your kind words, steadfast hearts, and warm chicken dinners this holiday season.

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