Morning Walks and Thoughts on the Coming Fall

The first crisp morning.

There is something so soothing about those warm summer mornings we had in June and July. It’s just cool enough to enjoy a cup of coffee on the back porch, but just warm enough to be comfortable wearing just a tank top and shorts (let’s be honest, I’m really wearing PJs).

Now that we are in August, there has been a shift in the air. The warm days are paired with cooler nights and I am here for it. It’s back to school (or back to home school) for most families and a freshness that appears with the pending fall. New school supplies and new shoes.

Augie and I have thoroughly enjoyed our morning walks during the summer. Our street is a peaceful one. Slow days, quiet evenings, kiddos all up and down riding their bikes and go carts. It’s like time has stood still here. It reminds me of my childhood. Back when we could play outside freely and not have to worry about bad people.Our neighborhood is a pocket of treasures in our tiny town. I love that the neighbors read books and have gardens. We waive as we walk. We greet each other from a distance. We have a group chat and look out for one another.

August has also brought much needed rain and a cold front of a chilly 71 degrees (ha!). But, oh the relief! The sky is so big out here. Wide open spaces. I am accustomed to being surrounded by mountains all my life. Oklahoma is the first “flat” place I have lived and at first I felt so exposed! Now, I stretch my arms out and breath in deep.

One thought on “Morning Walks and Thoughts on the Coming Fall

  1. Looks lovely and sounds like a wonderful place to live. Sounds like Mayberry. Here in California, we won’t receive crisp mornings until October, maybe even towards the end of October. So summer is still in full swing here with temps in the 90s and 100s.

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