A Push

I needed that final push. We all do at some point. I haven’t shared about my health journey because there hasn’t been much of one to share. But, I did want you to know that early this month, I began working out. Maybe if I write about it, it will feel more real and I will be more apt to keep my word.

The movie that comes to my mind is “Julie and Julia”. The tale of two audacious women wanting to make a difference in the world. As Julie approached her 30th birthday, she made a goal to cook through Julia Child’s The Art of French Cooking and blog about it in the process of 365 days. This story has been my inspiration on many fronts. My senior year of high school was my “cookbook year” where I too learned cooked through an entire cookbook and thus discovered my love of cooking. At 29, that is still a strong love for me… a little too strong.

I am pressed with the same frustration as Julie. “I’ve got nothing to show for it, and I’m getting fat”, she expressed as she began to bang and clank in her kitchen looking for a way to discard her burnt dinner. But there was a new day approaching, where she was able to start over. There were times she had to do things she didn’t feel like doing, hence the lobster picture above. She called herself, “The Lobster Killer”. But after 365 days, she completed her goal of cooking through the entire cookbook and celebrated with a rooftop dinner party.

Small changes bring great rewards

In my case, I have started with just a few goals. FREE goals… Just me, some weights, and free videos online. Apart from small and slow changes, accountability is next in line. My husband was the one who initiated this lifestyle change, and for that I am so grateful. He was my push.

We both could afford to lose some pounds, so before we began, we wrote out our “why”…. for the days of “burnt dinner” and “killing lobsters”. After unmotivating moments of frustration and defeat, I will need to remember my “why” and start fresh the next day. Dare I call myself, “The Fat Killer”??

You may be in need a push too. Maybe you’re like me and need A LOT of encouragement. Will power and time seem to be the hardest disciplines for me. I knew diet would be a bigger challenge for me, so I started with exercise first. I started with carving out 30 minutes a few days a week. This was the mental discipline I needed for the harder challenge of diet in the weeks ahead. So far, we have been working out 3 times a week for 2 weeks. A small, yet effective goal. Tomorrow, we begin introducing healthier dinners into our diet–another small goal. After a few more weeks, another goal will be introduced.

Here’s a push for you. Do you find it easier to exercise or eat healthy? What is your “why”? What is that one change you want to incorporate into your day today? Taking a walk in the morning? Eating fruit for dessert? Replacing soda with a glass of water? Maybe you need to start with watching this charming movie, “Julie and Julia”.

Just remember, small goals make for great reward.

2 thoughts on “A Push

  1. I saw that movie a couple years ago and really liked it. Maybe I need to see it again. I’ve been working on my health also… exercising more and did a pretty radical diet change. Went low sodium…lost some weight. Hope to lose more. Diet is harder for me.

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