Rearranging Furniture and Dinner on the Porch

During the month of July, I had an “inside to do list”. I am not in the garden much during this month since the heat is unbearable, so I will usually spend July as my mid-summer house project time. The living room and dining room are painted and freshened up. I also use this time to get anything else done that can’t wait until late October when the cool air begins to move over the prairie.


I painted an accent wall in the living room to add interest. AJ thinks it’s too “baby blue”… I call it “Mykonos Happy Hour”. 🙂 I will admit, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but I’m going to wait it out to see if it grows on me.


I rearranged the furniture to make room for additions. We do not garage sale much since we are trying to not spend money nor collect “things” in our debt-free journey, however, AJ found an amazing La-Z-Boy recliner for $50 just up the road at a neighbor’s sale. I was thrilled!

I love that with a few simple choices, a room can feel completely different and alive.

It may have been the past year or so of the pandemic, but I am “cooked out”. I feel I may drop dead just at the sight of those words typed out on my screen. I have always LOVED cooking. It is a creative outlet that I enjoy exercising every day. But, something about this past year got me in a dud with new recipes, new ideas, new ways to make “chicken”… I am plum out of creativity! So, we changed the scenery and simplified the meals. Summer is a great time to do this too. Who doesn’t love the smell of a grill doing all the work for you? Breakfast is easy– oatmeal on cool mornings, smoothies on hot ones…Lunches are simple too– sandwiches, salads, or leftovers. Dinners consist of meat and veggies with the occasional pizza. It’s the weekend treat 🙂

We enjoy eating dinner on the back porch if the weather allows for it. It changes things up. I am convinced that food tastes better outside. Our outdoor table was a great buy for $10 at the Goodwill and our camp chairs do just fine. Nearly every evening during the week, we will sit outside just for a bit; either for dinner or evening reading. Augie will chase the last of the dragon flies, then plop in the grass for the sunset.

How are you spending your time this month?

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